5G technology, next generation of network connectivity, sets a new communication standard. 5G is expected to increase capacity of wireless networks, their reliability and efficiency as well as extremely high transfer speed, which should enable development of innovative services for various areas of industry. The Cluster takes up an array of actions to promote Łódź as a city of technological solutions of tomorrow. It also organizes and co-organizes meetings, debates, and panels related to the 5G technology. The participation of the Minister of Digital Affairs and representatives of the Office for Electronic Communication in the Łódź IT Days organized by the Cluster and in the European Economic Forum - Łódzkie in 2017 was crucial for the presentation of the capacity and potential of Łódź, especially in the context of how advanced the work of the companies in the Cluster and Lodz University of Technology on commercial application of 5G technology was. ‘When we first started to interest the Ministry of Digital Affairs and OEC in choosing Łódź for a pilot implementation of 5G, we were fully aware of an array of arguments in favor of the city.’, prof. Sławomir Wiak, TUL rector and chairman of the ICT Central Poland Cluster, recollects. Activities of the Cluster and its individual members including involvement in the ‘Agreement concerning 5G Strategy for Poland’ were eventually successful: in the ‘5G Strategy for Poland’ announced in 2018, Łódź is indicated as the first city for a pilot implementation of the 5G network in Poland.
5G dla Łodzi


03 September 2016